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        Automation Research and Design Institute of Metallurgical Industry
        Automation Research and Design Institute of Metallurgical Industry (ARIM) was established in1973, is a large-scale comprehensive research and development organization of industrial automation field in China , and is a comprehensive industry automation technology research and development, product manufacturing,engineering design and contracting enterprise with high science and technology leveland powerful strength.It was subordinate to Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, and Stateowned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council successively , now joins China Iron and Steel Research Institute Group.

        To the end of 2008, there are 1096 employees in ARIM. Among them there are 768 scientific and technical personnel, 147 persons who possess of master , s or Ph.D , s degree. In addition, there are more than 70 persons , including some experts who enjoy the State Council special allowance, some middleaged and young experts who do outstanding contribution to the nation, and some persons who were selected by new century millions upon millions of talents project.

        ARIM has high quality science research team and good research condition .It has the following units which are approved by the state: National Key Lab of Hybrid Flow Chart Industry Automation System and Equip ment Technology, National Engineering Lab of Iron and Steel Manufacturing Process Optimization , National Metallurgical Automation Engineering Technology Research Center ,and Metallurgical Automation Prod-uction Forces Promotion Center. ARIM passed ISO 9001:2000 edition quality management system certifi cation in 2003. It holds class A engineering design qualification and class A special engineering design qualification for intelligent building system integration. ARIM and all of its holding subsidiary enterprises have already passed high-tech enterprise approval.

        ARIM is characterized by combining science and research with industrialization, combining engineering practice with product application and combining product development with system integration. It occupies obvious leading position in intelligent control, production process automation application software,automation engineering method and platform, fieldbus, hybrid process information, energy management and control, recovery and use of waste energy and heat,AC frequency variable speed regulation, high voltage large power thyristor, digital AC servo, laser and energy saving instrument, largescale hydraulic servo cylinder and servo system, elastic clay equilibrium device, elastic clay buffer etc technologies.

        ARIM has gained comprehensive capacity to undertake large and complex automation engineering projects,and achieved a total of thousands of various automation engineering projects. These projects and products have widely been applied to metallurgy, machinery, power, electronics, building material, light industry,energy , transportation, petroleum, chemical, environment protect, food, space and aeronautic etc industries, extending all over 29 provinces, municipal cities and autonomous regions in China, with the leading position in automation industry.

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